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ACCA Asian Consultation

  1. The purpose of the Consultation is to share and dialogue on the best practices to run the National Christian Counseling Association or start such a local body in an Asian country where it is not yet existent.
  2. Invitees to the Consultation comprises the President and Secretary of the national bodies, or other key office-bearers in their place, or key leaders in Christian Counseling keen on starting a new National Christian Counseling Association where such is still not yet existent in their own country.
  3. Attendance is by invitation only. Please note that for existing National Christian Counseling bodies to join the ACCA as a member, it is compulsory for at least two key office-bearers of that organization to attend the Consultation before their admission as a member.
  4. The 2019 Consultation will be held in Bali, Indonesia, at 8.00 pm on 18 Oct (Friday) in conjunction with the Third ACCA Asian Christian Counseling Conference. Interested parties are to write to for more details.
  5. Todate, key leaders in Christian Counseling from Cambodia, Japan, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and Sri Lanka have indicated joining the 2019 Consultation.

Upcoming ACCA Asian Christian Counseling Conference 2019

Plenary Speakers:

Workshop Speakers:

Program Schedule:

Additional Open Night Meeting from 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm on Thur, 17 Oct 2019:

An Evening with Bill Van Schie on “Developing Spiritual Awareness in Counseling”.

Bill is the Chair of the Spirituality and Ethics Committee of the National Executive Committee, Christian Counseling Association of Australia (CCAA).

Important Information: Our Indonesian host AKKI has informed us that due to full capacity of the hotel venue, the registration for the ACCA Bali Conference has to be closed prematurely.

1) The attendance fees are as follows:
a) Early bird I : Mar – Apr 2019: US$ 210 (Registration, Accommodation and Meals)
The lump sum fees include registration, accommodation from 17 to 19 Oct 2019 (2 nights and 3 days) and food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and teas) starting from 12.00 pm on 17 Oct 2019 (lunch) and ending at 2.00 pm on 19 Oct 2019 (lunch).
2) The conference starts at 1.00 pm on 17 Oct 2019 after your lunch (provided). If you are arriving later than the Opening Ceremony, you may consider flying into Bali a day earlier.
3) The conference ends at 2.00 pm on 19 Oct 2019 after your lunch (provided). If you need to leave for the airport earlier, you may consider extending your stay for one more night.
4) Extra nights at the same venue can be booked at around USD65 per night. You can contact directly the hotel, Ungasan Bay View Hotel & Convention, Bali, through the Internet or arrange through AKKI by emailing
5) Speakers need not pay any fees. The accompanying spouse of a speaker (on room-sharing basis) need only pay an extra USD100 for the food.
6) You may need the following information when you pay through your bank:
a) Payee is Asosiasi Konselor Kristen Indonesia of address Resid 1 Unit D/01/07 Tj Duren Raya, Kav 5-9 Grogol, Jakarta Barat, 11440 Indonesia. The tel. number is +622130047780. Email is
b) Payee bank is CIMB Niaga (SWIFT code: BNIAIDJA) of address KC Jakarta-Kelapa Gading LB, Blok LB3 No. 34-36 Jalan Boulevard Raya, RT12?RW18, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Indonesia.
c) Payee account is 800157788040(usd).
For Asian/International participants to register and pay for the conference, kindly log onto and click ACCA3rdConf

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