Starting New National Associations of Christian Counseling

ACCA wishes to connect with key Christian counselors who are keen to start a new National Association of Christian Counseling in their own country in Asia where such associations are not yet [...]

Procedure to Apply for ACCA Membership

Members of ACCA are not individuals but they comprise the Christian counseling national bodies of Asian countries. To apply as a member, you need to first form a formal national organization of [...]

Revenue for National Associations from Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning courses will be offered by ACCA to equip lay Christians in the churches of Member countries with Asian Christian Counseling knowledge and skills. The courses will be from the [...]

Election of ACCA Executive Committee Members

ACCA Executive Members are elected while ACCA Board Members are nominated by their respective national bodies. When a national organization joins ACCA as a member, that association is allowed to [...]