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ACCA Monthly Webinar Series

Leadership in Asian Christian Counseling in the Pandemic Era

Series # 10 held on 29 May 2021.

Shame-informed Psychotherapy

Speaker: Dr. Edmund Ng, President of ACCA and Author, Shame-informed Counseling and Psychotherapy: Eastern and Western Perspectives (Routledge, 2021)

To view the recording, please click on this link:

Series # 9 held on 24 Apr 2021.

Addressing the Scarcity Mindset during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Joycelyn Laverinto, Vice-President ACCA and Chairperson, PACC Philippines

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Series # 8 held on 27 Mar 2021.

Honor and Shame Dynamics in the Asian Context

Speaker: Jayson Georges, author of 3D Gospel and blogger at

No recording for this session due to sensitivity issues.

Recording of Series # 7 held on 27 Feb 2021.

Our Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in Ethics, Practice and Resilience

Speaker: Rev. Sam Kuna, Assoc Prof/Dean of School of Counseling, TCA College, Singapore.

To view the recording, please click on this link:

Recording of Series # 6 held on 30 Jan 2021.

Connecting with Clients from across the Religious and Cultural Spectrums

Speaker: Prof. Fred Gingrich, Professor of Counseling, Denver Seminary, USA.

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Recording of Series # 5 held on 28 Nov 2020.

Prioritizing Self-care as Asian Christian Counselors during these Pandemic Times

Speaker: Dr. Reupah Philips, Founder and Director, Meadows of Hope Centre in India

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Recording of Series # 4 held on 31 Oct 2020.

Mental Health as Mission in Asia – A Means of the Gospel thru Hope and Healing

Speaker: Grace Shim, ED of Cornerstone Counseling (Chiang Mai)/Treasurer of ACCA

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Recording of Series # 3 held on 26 Sept 2020.

Cultural Sensitivities in Asian Christian Counseling

Speaker: Dr. Saji Kumar, Principal, India Baptist Theological Seminary

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Recording of Series # 2 held on 29 Aug 2020.

Leadership in Action in Asian Christian Counseling

Speaker: Dr. David Nikles, Regional Director of ACCA

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Recording of Series # 1 held on 25 July 2020.

Biblical Principles in Asian Christian Counseling

Speaker: Dr. Edmund Ng, Founding President of ACCA

To view the video, please click on this link: 

ACCA Panel Discussion (90 minutes) on “How Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Christian Counseling in Asia?”

Panelists: Dr. Simon Neo, Dr. David Nikles, Dr. Yakub Susabda, Dr. Reupah Philips

Facilitator: Dr. Edmund Ng

To view the video, please click on this link:

Short Video Clips with Simple Tips to Help People Experiencing Mental Health Issues During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Many people are currently under movement restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak and we have made up 3 short video clips with simple tips for people experiencing mental health difficulties while being cooped up at their homes under movement restrictions. Please help in circulating them to the public.

1) Some simple tips on how to reduce domestic quarrels during this time of enforced staying at home due to the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Please click on this link –


2) Some simple tips for managing fear and anxiety during this time of enforced staying at home due to the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Please click on this link –


3) Some simple tips on how to grieve in a healthy manner following the loss of a loved one through the Covid-19 virus:

Please click in this link –


We wish to encourage you as a Christian counselor or jointly with your local Christian counseling association to translate these video clips into your own national language or produce further video clips that pertains to other mental health issues more specific to your country.


Let us as Christian counselors be relevant to what is happening in our midst and do our part in extending God’s kingdom in this time of global crisis.

Promotion of Asian books and Articles for ACCA Newsletter:

To encourage Asians to be engaged in thinking and writing more Asia resources for Christian counselors in Asia, we offer to promote books written by Asian authors in this website as well as publish short articles written by Asian Christian counselors in our ACCA Newsletter. Please refer to the BOOKS BY ASIAN AUTHORS section and the NEWS section for requirements on how to submit to us.


We are pleased to inform you that at the Second Asian Christian Counselors Conference held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on 11-14 Oct 2017, a formal meeting was held with some 150 Christian counselors from 14 Asian countries to establish the Asia Christian Counseling Association (ACCA). Following this, ACCA’s first Board Meeting took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 2-3 Mar 2018 with the national bodies of India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and China as the Founding Members.


The vision and mission of ACCA is to promote Christian counseling to all the 53 countries in Asian with an approach that interfaces psychology, theology, spirituality and missions, so that what we do is more authentic to God’s Word and contextualized to local needs. Indeed, we want to move Christian counseling beyond clinical practice to informal individual, group and communal counseling that is not just a profession but also a ministry that incorporates spiritual resources into our counseling knowledge and skills for mission outreach.


ACCA will pursue our objectives by setting the direction and pace in Asian Christian counseling through equipping and strengthening the existing national Christian counseling bodies and facilitating the set-up of new national organizations in the Asian countries where they are not already existent.


We believe that in our times, God is moving mightily throughout Asia to extend His Kingdom. We covet your prayers that ACCA will spearhead the development of Christian counseling services among professionals and lay counselors from our churches to meet the growing needs of mental and emotional sufferings that is already so prevalent in our region, thus contributing strategically to what God is doing in Asia.

Member Associations

Christian Counsellors Association of India (CCAI)


National Association of Christian Counsellors Malaysia (NACC)


Philippine Association of Christian Counselors, Inc. (PACC)


Asosiasi Konselor Kristen Indonesia (AKKI)


TASK (China)

Address: Virtual Office

Contact details kept confidential due to sensitivities.


Association of Christian Counsellors (Singapore) (ACCS)

Address: 216 Joo Chiat Road Soho Life, #03-13 Singapore 427483


Mongolian Christian Counseling Association (MCCA)

Address: 34V-15 14th Khoroolol, Namyanju Street, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, 1433336 Mongolia
Tel: +(976) 88118877


Christian Counseling Association Thailand (CCAT)

Address: 111/176 Soi 6 Baan Karnkanok 2 Phase 3, Sunphuloei, Doisaket, Chiangmai, 50220 Thailand

Tel: +(66) 98 808 2927


Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA)

Address: 2 Clegg Road, Mount Evelyn, Victoria, Australia 3796.
Tel: +61(0)385 892 480

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